Autumn Saturday Course

Monday, 24 October, 2016

Autumn Sadwrn Siarad

On Saturday 22 October, approximately 50 learners came to practise their Welsh at the first Sadwrn Siarad of the year. 

The learners were split in to four groups: Entry, Foundation, Intermediate, Higher.  The Entry learners had fun looking at the alphabet, useful little words and lots more with the excellent tutor Non Richards.    The Foundation learners revised the conditional with Sian Poole, by doing lots of games and speaking.  Everyone praised Sian's enthusiasim throughout the day.  The Intermediate group had the opportunity to create characters and answer questions pretending that they were these characters with Catrin Llwyd.  There was lots of laughter in this class!  The Higher level learners did a lot of discussion work with Gwen Rice, including discussing "We should get rid of mutations to make learning Welsh easier".  What do you think?

In the afternoon, we were very lucky to have a visit by the author Lois Arnold.  She came to do with sessions with all the learners.  She read a story from her new book "Ffenestri" and she held a discussion on reading and the types of books learners would like to see available to learners.  The sessions were very interesting and everyone enjoyed having the opportunity to ask questions and meet the author. 

The next Sadwrn Siarad is on the 19th of November at the University.  Book now here.  The closing date is the 15th of November 2016.