For newly qualified primary school teacher, Chris Warlow, the new Entry course at Cardiff University’s Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Welsh for Adults Centre offers the flexibility to juggle a busy working life and improve his long-term career prospect

The 30-year-old teacher, originally from Pembrokeshire now living in Roath in Cardiff, who starts his Entry course next month said, “I have recently qualified as a Primary School Teacher. Given the new National Curriculum in Wales and in particular the Cwricwlwm Cymreig with its emphasis on promoting bilingualism and Welsh identity I feel that a Welsh course would greatly benefit me and, in turn, my pupils.

“The ability to speak Welsh will not only aid my professional development as a teacher within Wales and hopefully give me a good chance of promotion but will improve my relationship with my pupils.”

Chris believes that the flexibility of the revamped course will help him learn the language, especially at such a busy time in his life.
Chris added, “As I embark upon my career as teacher I realise that the next few years will be a very busy time. The blended Wlpan course is perfect for me as it will allow

me to learn Welsh quickly, doing most of the work in my own time on my PC and attending classes only once a week to practise what I have learnt.

“I want to reach a good level of fluency quickly and gain confidence in using my Welsh in conversation as well as in the classroom.”

But Chris’s reason for joining the course is not only about improving his job prospects – he has an added incentive, to keep-up with his Welsh-speaking girlfriend and feel more in touch with Welsh culture.
Chris said:

“My girlfriend is a Welsh speaker and I would like to be able to speak Welsh with her. Also I would like to learn Welsh as a means of engaging with even more aspects of my nation’s culture. This course is the ideal opportunity for me to do this.”