Welsh for the family

The Welsh for the Family courses are tailored to allow parents, family members, friends or anyone working with children to learn and understand children whilst they speak Welsh. They're different to other courses in the way that they're full of tailored vocabulary, language patterns, songs and activities to help you communicate with children in Welsh.

The Welsh for the Family courses are aimed at pure beginners and will focus on the fun element of learning. Welsh for the Family classes are usually held once a week, and would take two academic years to complete.

The main aim of the courses is to enable adults to use Welsh with children. To achieve this the courses focus on the following:

* Repetition
* Reading
* Singing
* Playing games
* Learning simple commands, greetings and much more

Please note there is an additional charge for the course book, audio files and activity book.

If you would like to find out more about the courses and levels contact us on 029 2087 4710 or e-mail: info@learnwelsh.co.uk