Learners' Stories

Shapla Yasmin

With the help of the bursary I was able to complete my Mynediad 1 course, which I probably wouldn’t have otherwise undertaken.  As a result of learning Welsh I am able to understand a language that is being used around me.  

The thing I enjoyed most was learning the language!  I also made some good friends on the course.  Pronunciations were a little difficult to get used to but fun.



Leon Ward

Put simply, I wouldn’t have been able to afford to attend class if it wasn’t for the bursary.  Learning Welsh has allowed me the opportunity to build credibility with other professionals at work.  It has given me the ability to be part of the Welsh speaking community and it’s a pretty cool party trick in England and other countries! 

I speak Welsh with friends whenever I can and I have opened a conference in Welsh.  I have connected with other Welsh speakers online.  The thing I enjoyed most was the teaching pace and techniques which have helped me remember my Welsh.


Matt Spry

I have gained so much from learning Welsh, it’s hard to say in English let alone in Welsh!  Soon after starting learning my life hit a very rough patch with various personal disasters and illness – Welsh has been one of the main things that has kept me going.  Through learning Welsh I have met loads of really nice people (learners, tutors, fluent speakers) and I have been able to slowly start participating in Welsh language culture which I have really enjoyed (because, quite simply, Welsh language culture is amazing!).  I’m originally from England and learning Welsh has given a deeper understanding of the country I am proud to call my home. 

I volunteered as a steward at Tafwyl this year but the biggest opportunity learning Welsh has allowed me is slowly being able to live through the medium of Welsh more and more every week. 

I enjoyed everything about learning Welsh!  I want to take the opportunity to thank the Centre for encouraging me and helping me.


Olivia Jefferson

I have definitely gained more confidence from learning Welsh, as it has pushed me to try and speak to others who know the language.  This was a scary prospect at the beginning of the course as I literally had no idea how to even pronounce the alphabet.  I truly can’t believe how much I have learned and it hasn’t even felt like learning.

At first I was really shy to actually speak Welsh out loud.  I thought people would be dismissive as my Welsh was so basic.  Everyone who I have engaged and practiced Welsh with has been really supportive and helpful.  And the centre provide loads of opportunities to practice with other learners and tutors for those who are less confident.

It has encouraged me to go and see a bit more of Wales as well.  I have lived in Cardiff for 4 years, but never been further West than Ogmore.  I now feel more than ready to venture a bit further armed with some real Welsh!

I went from being a student into a minimum wage job, so the bursary was a massive help with being able to attend the course.  I found that it was an excellent incentive to study hard because the centre had been so generous in offering a bursary that it would have been awful to take it for granted.  I can’t thank you enough really as I feel I have gained so much from the course, and I am definitely keen to continue my learning with the centre.

I really enjoyed the course.  I loved how it was set out and it suited my learning style well.  It made me realise that I actually like learning!  It was great to see my Welsh improving so fast week by week.  I really liked my tutor, she made learning a really great experience.  Sometimes it was difficult to be energised in class, especially in the evening after a busy Monday, but she is always really enthusiastic and it really helped to spur me on.