Reading Clubs and Chance for a Chat

Reading Clubs

Why not join a Welsh reading club to improve and practise your Welsh? Reading is great for extending your vocabulary, improving pronunciation skills not to mention your reading, writing and listening skills.

The courses are £25 each and the book will be between £6 to £8. Please click on the relevant code for more information.

Reading Clubs starting in April/May

EntryWed26/04/17 - 05/07/17£25Welsh for Adults, Cardiff UniversityCDA11317.45 -18.45
FoundationMon08/05/17 - 17/07/17£25Bodlon, WhitchurchCDA21318.00 -19.00
FoundationThur04/05/17 - 13/07/17£25Welsh for Adults, Cardiff UniversityCDA21117.45 -18.45