Focus Hours

Practise, Practise, Practise!

How do you get good at something?

Research has shown that the way to reach proficiency is to practise.  All good musicians, artists, chess players, sports players had to practise!  The same is true for languages.  The only way to improve is to practise.

As part of your course, you should try to complete extra hours (focus hours) outside the classroom.  The more you practise the quicker your journey to fluency will be.

30 hour course = 5 focus hours

60 hour course = 18 focus hours

120 hour course = 36 focus hours



Q. Do I have to do the focus hours?  Will I fail the course if I don’t?

A. You will not fail the course.  We cannot force you to do the hours but we very much encourage you to do them.  It’s really important to practise outside the classroom in order to become fluent.


Q. I haven’t got time!  I work full time, I have a family and I come to class.  How can I do the extra hours?

A.  We have shown different ways you can complete these hours in our Learners’ Programme [link to rhaglen y dysgwyr].  You don’t have to do lots of hours every week, e.g. two hours every month.


Q. I can’t afford to go to Saturday courses or reading clubs!  Are there other things I can do?

A.  Yes.  You can go to coffee mornings, clonc yn y cwtsh and lots of other things.  Free activities will be organised throughout the year.


Q. I read with my child every night.  Does that count?

A. It’s really important that you do as much as possible to practise outside class and reading, listening and watching TV are great ways to practise and improve your Welsh.  Despite this, unfortunately this practice doesn’t count because there’s not a tutor present to help you and we’re unable to monitor it.