About Us

You will receive a very warm welcome from Learn Welsh Cardiff, Cardiff University when you come to learn or indeed improve your Welsh with us. With such a wide range of courses and interesting resources, learning Welsh with us will certainly be fun as well as a successful experience. Come and join our community and we will help bring out the Cymraeg (Welsh) in you!

The choice of Welsh courses on offer is very broad and designed to ensure that there is something for everybody. Courses start as short Taster sessions and courses for pure beginners, right up to proficiency level, where learners as well as those wanting to improve their Welsh are all welcome. There are once and twice weekly weekly, block courses which are full time for a fortnight or up to 8 weeks! We also offer courses that allows you to study half the course online and half in the classroom.

Established for over 25 years, we are proud of our history and seek to build continuously on our success.